Renovation of outdoor basketball courts


Together with the Goran Dragić Foundation, sponsors, partners, and friends, we want to bring our youths back to outdoor playgrounds with the #PODAMDAIGRAM basketball court renovation campaign. With a smart app, we set out to connect tradition and modern technology as we want to see our youths to be as physically active as possible in today’s digital world.

The campaign for the renovation of outdoor basketball courts, called #PODAMDAIGRAM, began in 2019, when Gogi, with the help of the City of Ljubljana, sponsors, and partners, renovated the court in Ljubljana’s Tivoli.

In 2021, in cooperation with the Goran Dragić Foundation, its supporters and the Municipality of Maribor, the Tabor basketball court in the second largest Slovenian city was renovated.

Both courts on cult basketball locations are just the beginning of the project as we will continue with the renovation of the two legendary Slovenian basketball centers in 2022. One outdoor court #PODAMDAIGRAM will be set up in Laško this summer and another in Novo mesto.


2019: Ljubljana (Tivoli)
2021: Maribor (Tabor)
2022: Laško and Novo mesto.

Goran Dragić has been renovating outdoor basketball courts in cooperation with his partners and friends in an extremely modern and sustainable way. In addition, a special mobile application has been developed through which the hoopers may check who is currently playing at “their” court or organize a game at the popular basketball city destination.

Smart Court

Court users can enrich your experience by using mobile app.

This way you become a smart court user and can:

  • see other users of the field and find rivals or teammates,
  • access to various training content
  • get to know different fun  basketball games, and learn more about
  • the #podamdaigram project. 

Renovated basketball courts

Together with his partners and friends, Goran is transforming basketball courts into modern and safe playgrounds, for all fans of this beautiful game. Igrišča so The renovated basketball courts are equipped with Gorano’s image and special info boards with QR codes, through which users of Gogi’s courts can check who registered on »their«  court with the help of a special mobile app #podamdaigram, via smartphone or tablet. He can also check how many players are currently playing, how old they are and it is also possible remotely arrange  with friends and in advance to meet at a popular gathering place of a local basketball enthusiasts. 

Maribor - Tabor



Ljubljana - Tivoli




Prijava na košarkarski kamp Goran Dragić bo mogoča od četrtka, 6. maja.

V Laškem bo Gogi z ekipo gostil 100 otrok, vsak udeleženec pa bo poleg ekskluzivnega bivanja v hotelu Thermana Park Laško Superior**** prejel še opremo blagovne znamke Adidas, polni penzion, dovolj pijače, stalno prisotnost 14 strokovno usposobljenih trenerjev in 8 vzgojiteljev ter številna presenečenja.

Prijavnico morajo nujno izpolniti otrokovi starši, skrbniki oziroma zakoniti zastopniki, ki vam bomo v času kampa omogočili spremljanje dogajanja prek socialnih omrežij in spletne strani s serijo bogatih fotogalerij in videopovzetkov.
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