Goran Dragić Foundation

Goran Dragić Foundation – an institution to help children and young people
Majaronova ulica 4
1000 Ljubljana
Registration ID: 4121368000
Tax ID: SI 11723513

INFO for parents and Guardians

Žiga Koščak

Head of  Camp

Matej Avanzo

Head of  Camp

E: matej.avanzo@spontanzo.com

Rado Trifković

Camp Counselor General


Media representatives can contact our head of PR Žiga Koščak for any information on the Goran Dragić camp.

The contacts listed below are available to the representatives of potential partners of the basketball camp or the Goran Dragić Foundation.

Žiga Koščak

Director of Goran Dragić Foundation

Matej Avanzo

Director of company Spontanzo d.o.o.



The Goran Dragić Foundation was established in 2020 with the aim of formalizing and regulating all projects that had been successfully carried out since 2014 under a watchful eye of popular Gogi.

The foundation in primarily involved in the organization of the Goran Dragić Basketball Camp and the renovation of the #Podamdaigram outdoor basketball courts, while the project also seeks to benefit underprivileged youths.

As of now, two (Ljubljana – Tivoli and Maribor – Tabor) outdoor courts have been renovated with more to follow in 2022, namely in Laško and in Novo mesto. Our mission is to renovate at least one outdoor basketball court nationwide every year.

Goran and his team make sure that at least 15 children living on the socioeconomic margins get an opportunity to attend the camp every year. That said, the Foundation, in cooperation with our loyal sponsors and partners, provide the necessary funds while our partner charity, the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje, ensures the children are selected through two main sponsorship projects: Botrstvo v Sloveniji and Botrstvo v športu.

At the same time, the Goran Dragić Foundation has purchased three professional, custom-made wheelchairs for the national wheelchair basketball team of the Slovenian Paraplegics Association in 2023.

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