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August 1st to August 14th

Part of the proceeds will go towards the refurbishment of outdoor basketball courts



NBA Star

The NBA All-star Goran Dragić and his team of coaches and other associates  want to help you on your athletic journey. The camp is intended for all basketball players no matter their gender, age, or skill level . 

Virtual Camp

Membership includes access to a private group where Goran and his team will provide different workouts, drills, exercises, live Q&A sessions and advice to improve your skills and get the answers you’ve always wondered about.

Train anytime & anywhere - No excuses



  • Improve your skills & basketball IQ
  • Build intensity & confidence
  • Incorporate skill work into game-like situations
  • Comprehensive, results-driven player development program for any level of play
  • Great opportunity to keep working on your game in your own backyard & stay sharp
  • 12 clinics focusing on individual and team play skills
  • 2 bonus clinics (Strength Training & Sports Nutrition)

Have you ever wondered about a basketball program where you could learn about the game of basketball as you’d learn how to read or write, add or subtract, or build your favorite playhouse, or use your smartphone? Well, we most definitely have and in our quest for knowledge, we come across a strong need for quality teaching for players at all levels, especially younger.

We believe that individuals who put in the extra work and effort and push their limits are the ones who reach their basketball goals, and that is what Goran Dragic BBALL CLINICS are all about. We are truly committed to helping basketball players improve in all areas of the game.

The 12-clinic program has been designed for players with a passion to learn about the game of basketball – systematically. Our clinics focus on game-like situations which can be recreated even if you are stuck at home or with your buddies at a local park.

The program offers multiple challenges and drills, ideas, concepts, and personal experiences that will help players of all ages and talent levels. You will be working on your shooting, individual offense and defense, ball-handling, rebounding, and passing and catching… just to name a few skill sets.

The clinics will challenge you, keep you engaged & active; most importantly, you will be forced out of your comfort zone as we believe that is the only way to improve and overcome any challenges, – playing basketball or otherwise!

Our coaches are committed to helping you reach your true potential and will make sure you get the most out of your time on the court in each clinic.

If you want to take your game to the next level, enroll and learn about the game we all love.


Regular price $89

August 1st to August 14th

Part of the proceeds will go towards the refurbishment of outdoor basketball courts



Miha Čmer

Ex player- point guard, played for more than 20 years pro in Europe (Slovenia – 3x best in assists ( Polzela, Koper, Elektra 2x all stars, Lasko),Switcherland (all stars), Finland, Iceland, Lithuania ( best in assist in LKL 2002/2003)). Also studied 1 year high school in USA. Coach: last 10 years (Lasko -U11, U13 and U15), Celje- U11, U13- Basketball School.

Aleš Živanovič

Played division I basketball at University of Hawaii from 1995 – 1998. During his professional career he played in Israel, Iceland, Portugal, Lithuania, Hungary, Estonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Spain and Slovenia. A former member of the Slovenian Jr. National and U-22 team. Earned his coaching diploma from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2006.Currently: Head coach of BC ADECCO (Maribor, Slovenia) and basketball skills trainer, specializing in big men development. He has previously coached U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-18 teams in Slovenia (Sani Becirovic Basketball Academy), Iceland (IR Reykjavik; KFI Isafjordur), and Spain (CB Aridane) and worked in numerous summer camps in Europe and the United States (Snowvalley Basketball Camps).

Dejan Mihevc

Coaching more than 20 years on different levels from youth to seniors (Poland, Slovenia, England, Adriatic League, Champions league, Fiba Europe cup). In 8 years as senior Head Coach on highest level  won 2 Champions, 2 Cups and 3 Supercups in 3 different countrys. In every country got Coach of the year award and was 2 times Head Coach at ALL STAR game. For 4 years  worked  at Basketball federation of Slovenia as Director of youth national teams and as Head Coach of U16 National team. Also lecture on coaches clinics all over the Europe.–

Robert Stojković

Is a professional basketball coach in both categories (mens, womens). He made his first basketball steps in Beograd. Robert is a coach of high principles. He likes order, discipline, work ethic and mutual respect. The the athletes he is giving basketball and life knowledge, because he thinks that nowdays onecant go without the other. »I dont doubt that with the basketball cliniqe we will give the kids what can help their basketball progerss.«

Goran Dragić

Is a Slovenian professional basketball player who has been a centerpiece and a pure point guard for the Miami Heat for the past seven years.  . He is the first Slovenian to play  in the NBA All-star game. Furthermore, he is the golden captain of the Slovenian national team and the MVP of the 2017 European Championship in Turkey.


Have you ever imagined...

Chatting  with NBA superstar Goran Dragić in a LIVE session?

In addition to the basketball clinics brought to you by our coaching staff, Gogi will also share his experience and knowledge with you. In a closed group, he will reach to you LIVE in an esteemed company of his teammates, coaches and friends. Your dreams can come true as you shoot for the stars.


Alex Potrc

Since his early childhood, Alex Potrc has been connected to sports and started to coach others when he was 16 years old. His coaching career turned into education, and so he became the European director of education for the IFPA (International Fitness Professionals Association) and the ACA Coaching Academy from the UK.

While running his gym FIT Tovarna (FIT Factory), he’s still training many Athletes and takes care of their strength and conditioning prep in the offseason or during the season through his online coaching.

During his lessons in the Goran Dragić sports clinic, he’ll talk about the basics of strength training, exercise selection, and conditioning specifically for basketball. He will look at the significant specifics and common mistakes one might face while working out since the height and especially limb length plays a huge role when you want to train appropriately.

The second part will dig into sports nutrition. Alex will go through the very basics of nutrients and their role in energy metabolism and regeneration. You can expect simplified answers  to FAQ  in the respected field:

  • What should I eat
  • How much should I eat
  • When should I eat
  • What supplements make sense for the game of Basketball




Gogiand his team have put together an online basketball camp. The camp is a 14 day-long hang out session with the NBA All-star who wants to share his basketball knowledge and experience. Members of the virtual camp will have access to a closed Facebook group where they will receive special workouts and drills every day. But THERE’S MORE! Goran will, accompanied by his teammates, staff, and other experts, hang out live (online) with all the participants of the virtual camp. He will be answering your questions and help you improve your game as you shoot for the stars.

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