“With  the outdoor basketball courts refurbishing campaign  #PODAMDAIGRAM I’d like to, in association with my partners, bring our kids back to the outdoor basketball courts, so that they can make wonderful childhood memories of playing sports and hanging out with their friends just like I did.”

Through a big charity event of refurbishing old basketball courts #PODAMDAIGRAM in 2019, Gogi presented a first smart basketball court in Slovenia. Kids and youth can be in touch with Gogi throughout the entire season. The specialty of this basketball court is definitely the information boards providing basic as well as advanced basketball drills designed by Gogi himself. All workouts  will be interactively supported  by the online sport-educational platform managed by QR codes. The goal of the platform is to combine  sports, education and fun in an easily accessible way for everyone.


Goran Dragić

Gogi has been organizing basketball camps for years now. Through playing and different activities he wants to share his basketball knowledge, experience, and his love for the game with the kids. Through socializing, he’s focused on spreading the message of living healthily, quality friendships, and life values he deems important and have become a trademark of his career: selflessness, honesty, dedication, purity, and altruism.


Goran Dragić foundation is a global non-profit organization giving the youth the opportunity to participate in sports and learn important life lessons.

“I believe I’ve made it this far because of my family and friends’ support, and the game of basketball  itself. Success and accolades never come easy; they require a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication. I have been blessed with  an opportunity to influence the youth, and I want to take full advantage of that and provide suitable and safe  venues for sports, social gatherings, and education. All kids deserve equal opportunities to reach their dreams no matter the socio-economic position of their family, or perhaps a physical disability. Therefore, I believe that through Goran Dragic foundation we will birth life to a lot of charity projects and contribute long-term to a better “tomorrow” and give back to our community.”


Gogi and his team have put together an online basketball camp. The basketball camp is a 14 day-long hang out session with the NBA All-star who wants to share his basketball knowledge and experience. Members of the online academy will be placed in a closed group where they will receive special workouts  and drills every day. But THERE’S MORE! Goran will, accompanied by his teammates, staff, and other experts, hang out live (online) with all the participants of the academy. He will be answering your questions and help you improve yourgame as you shoot for the stars

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