LAŠKO, July 9th through 15th 2023

From 2021 onwards, Goran Dragić and a team of experienced and high-quality coaches and educators will spend seven insanely pleasant, fun, but also basketball and sports-rich days in the beautiful surroundings of the Municipality of Laško, the Thermana Laško hotel and swimming pool complex, and the renovated Tri Lilije Sports Hall.

 The Goran Dragić basketball camp, which will take place in Laško in 2023 between Sunday, July 9, and Saturday, July 15, is not only about basketball. Not just for fun either. It is a beautiful combination of sports, basketball, mutual respect, getting to know each other, and many moments of happiness. 

Goran spends all seven days with the children, gets to know them, and shares every part of the basketball camp with them. To top it all off, he brings many sports friends as guests and arranges for many surprises. As a whole, everything is connected above all to the exceptional personality of “Gogi.


The Goran Dragić Basketball Camp is open to boys and girls aged 9 to 15.

The camp is not just a regular basketball camp as we’ve prepared plenty of accompanying sports activities for the campers to enjoy. Our goal is to provide the campers with an eventful and fantastic week spent with their idol and, above all a family man, a unique person Goran Dragić undoubtedly is.

We want the campers to leave the camp a little tired but with a bright smile on their faces, with a bag full of fond memories, knowledge, and new friendships.

What’s included in the package?

  • 6x full board at the Thermana Park Laško Superior hotel****.
  • Accommodation in spacious rooms.
  • Adidas sports gear (ball, bag, jersey, shorts, T-shirt).
  • 24/7 supervision by a highly qualified 30-member team of coaches, camp counselors, organizers, and Goran Dragić.
  • 2-a day practices and games at the Tri Lilije Arena.
  • Entry to the Thermana Laško pool complex.
  • Additional activities, theme days and celebrity guest appearances.
  • 6x full board at the hotel Thermana Park Laško Superior****.
  • Accommodation in spacious 2- or 3-bed rooms.
  • Adidas equipment (ball, bag, jersey, shorts, shirt).
  • Constant 24/7 presence of a 32-member professionally trained team of trainers, educators, organizers, and Goran Dragić. (17 coaches, 9 educators, physiotherapist, 6 organizers
  • Basketball training and matches in the renovated Three Lilies hall.)
  • The possibility of using the Thermane Laško swimming pool complex.
  • Official photography of the participants and Goran Dragić (individual and group photos).
  • Many additional activities (at least 10), organization of themed days, and visits by famous personalities.

Important information

What do campers have access to?

  • During the camp, the Three Lilies basketball hall is divided into three basketball courts, which are the right size (28×15 m).
  • One of the three courts has a basketball structure adjusted to a lower height for the youngest participants of the camp (hoop height 260 instead of 305 cm).
  • 17 coaches and 9 educators and an additional organizational team (camp management, logistics, photo, video, social media) take care of the children.
  • On the first day, the coaches divided the participants into eight groups of 15 or 16 children of approximately the same age and basketball skills.
  • During the camp, the children complete twelve basketball activities (8 training sessions, two afternoon matches, training, and a 3×3 basketball tournament), and at least 10 different other guided activities.
  • Former and current basketball players, coaches and representatives of other sports regularly visit Laško.
  • In the hotel, we have a large event hall available for non-basketball activities.
  • We had our own wing of the hotel, our own dining room, children will be accommodated in groups of up to three in the rooms of the superb hotel Thermana Park Superior****.
  • Children are under the control of coaches and/or educators at all times, and in all activities they have additional external, qualified companions.
  • A good number of surprises will await the participants.

2023 Camp Schedule

  • SUNDAY, July 9
    Gathering of participants, introductory evening training, official photographing of participants and Goran Dragić, introductory evening.
  • MONDAY, July 10
    Two training sessions and two non-basketball activities each.
  • TUESDAY, July 11
    Morning training and activities, afternoon and evening matches.
  • WEDNESDAY, July 12
    Two training sessions each and two non-basketball activities, “pool party”.
  • THURSDAY, July 13
    Morning training and activities, afternoon matches, evening activities.
  • FRIDAY, July 14
    Training and activities in the morning, 3×3 basketball tournament in the afternoon, closing party in the evening.
  • SATURDAY, July 15
    Final All-Star game, entertainment program.

Coaching staff and Organizing committee

Experience and high standards

In addition to Goran Dragić, a team of organizers, coaches and educators will also spend a week with your children in the wonderful surroundings of Laško and the exceptional accommodation and sports infrastructure.


In 2023, the camp will be led by Žiga Koščak, director of the Goran Dragić Foundation, and its member and director of the company Spontanzo, Matej Avanzo, and Dejan Mihevc (head of coaching staff), Rado Trifković (head of educators) and Andreja Potočnik Krajnik will also participate in the core organizational team (video content, branding, graphic image).

All of the above basketball enthusiasts have plenty of experience in organizing events, especially those from which the participants expect something more.

All of us, who will take care of your children’s safe and fun-filled stay, do our best to make the seven days in Laško a memorable experience for all participants.


Nenad Kalamanda (Goran Dragić Foundation, Director)
Žiga Koščak (Goran Dragić Foundation, Head of PR and Marketing)
Matej Avanzo (Spontanzo, Director)


2A Sports LAB
Patricija Akalović, Physiotherapist


Rado Trifković, Head of Camp Canselours
Nenad Stojić, Pia Blažič, Lan Jerman Petek, Mojca Deželak, Jan Lesar, Bernarda Nagode, Gregor Brezovar, Kaja Krajnc


Dejan Mihevc, Head of the Coaching Staff
Primož Kobale, Aleš Živanovič, Saša Ljubenović, Dejan Čigoja, Jurij Ucman, Jani Fortuna, Tadej Ferme, Luka Marolt, Ana Jakovina, Maja Percan, Jan Močnik, Siniša Banović, Rok Klemenčič, Luka Mittag, Tadej Horvat, Matic Vidic


Andreja Potočnik Krajnik, Spontanzo, Videography, Postproduction and Editing


Žiga Gorup (Tvoj-splet.si), Website Design and Development
GD team, Spontanzo, Website Editing

Coaching Staff

In Love with Basketball

There are always at least 14 coaches supervising the campers, headed by coach Dejan Mihevc, one of the best basketball coaches in Slovenia; his coaching staff is a perfect blend of seasoned veterans and young coaches, as well as active players.

Moreover, to make the campers experience truly magnificent and unforgettable, Goran Dragić and his team always manage to invite some of the most popular Slovenian basketball celebrities, who spend time talking to campers, to Laško for a day or two.

Also, our experienced physiotherapist Pia Pavlič from the  2A Sports LAB project will take care of any aches and pains the campers may experience.  

Camp Counselors


Even though basketball is at the forefront of the camp, the safe, high-quality and pleasant stay of the campers is just as important to us. Rado Trifković and his team of experienced camp counselors will primarily make sure that the campers are well taken care for when they are not on the basketball courts practicing or playing games.




  • Hotel Thermana Park Laško Superior****
    – the large hall of Hotel Thermana Park Laško.
  • Sunday, July 9, 2023 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
    – introductory meeting of parents, guardians, participants with organizers:
    at 11:15 a.m.
  • Parking spaces will be clearly marked.
  • We will welcome the participants at a specially arranged reception.


A beautiful town on Savinja river

A small and beautiful town, with an exceptional SPA and sports infrastructure, lies along the Savinja River, just a dozen kilometers from Celje and 90 km away from Ljubljana.

There are 14,000 extremely hospitable locals living in the Municipality of Laško, who love to boast of their well-known brewery, excellent food, beautiful nature, basketball, and hotel facilities, as the area also prides itself with the springs of thermo-mineral waters.

Since 2013, it has been proud bearer of the European Destination of Excellence title; it bears the golden sign of Slovenia Green Destination. It has been a proud and exceptional host to Goran Dragić and his basketball camp since 2021.

 GPS coordinates:

– 15,235272


For children and parents, on the first day of the camp, on Sunday, July 9, we will prepare and mark parking spaces next to the hotel, as well as a special reception intended for the gathering of children in front of the camp.

At the introductory meeting, which will be hosted at 11:15 in the large hall of the Thermana Park Hotel Laško Superior****, the entire organizational team, headed by the management, coaches, and educators, will introduce themselves to the aspiring participants and their parents or guardians.

Everyone present will, of course, also be available for any questions you may have.

ALL-STAR festivities and departure

On the last day of the camp, i.e., on Saturday, July 15, at 10:00 a.m., we will prepare a final day for all participants and their parents or guardians in the Three Lilies Hall with an All-Star game.

The children can show what they learned during the week spent with Goran Dragić. Let them know how much they love basketball while participating in games, fun contests, and special giveaways and challenges. We also prepare some of them for the bravest mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles or other family members.


Thermana Park Laško**** Superior

The campers will be staying at the modern Thermana Park Laško**** Superior hotel complex, accommodated in superbly equipped and extremely spacious rooms. They will have their own “wing” of the hotel, their own dining room, terrace, rooms for exciting activities, a large event hall, special elevators and a separate staircase.

Thermana Laško has become a truly indispensable partner of the Goran Dragić basketball camp, so we have no doubt that the children will also enjoy their free time during the week spent in the town by the Savinja with “Gogi” and his team.

GPS coordinates; Hotel Thermana Park Laško
– 46,161655

– 15,232087


One of symbols of Laško

The city sports arena Tri lilije is one of the symbols of Laško, and it is especially highly regarded among basketball fans. Namely, it is the first sports facility in Slovenia with a jumbo ceiling score board.

During the camp, the 4500 square meters of the gym hardwood floor will be divided into 3 regulation-size basketball courts, so 3 teams will be able to practice at the same time.

In cooperation with the Goran Dragić Foundation, the Municipality of Laško, has equipped the arena with the air-conditioning system.
The Arena seats up to 2,500 people and it will be specially set up to make all campers feel like they are part of Gogi’s basketball fairy tale. Namely, we will install over 70 meters of LED screens throughout the arena. Furthermore, we’ll provide additional “shine” to the venue with a life size cutout of Goran Dragić and messages from our proud sponsors and partners.


A week full of unforgettable experiences

In addition to superb accommodation, the GD 2022 camp team has thoroughly designed a 7-day program for the campers consisting of:

  • basketball practices
  • 2evenings of games
  • 7 astounding entertainment or educational events with various guests and props,
  • Amazing “pool party” – a fun afternoon in the Thermana Laško waterpark,
  • Last day festivities with a surprise appearance by a celebrity guest,
  • Surprise visits by celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment.



Every day of the camp, we prepare an extensive set of photo and video content for parents, guardians, relatives, and friends, through which they could remotely follow what was happening with “Gogi’s” basketball squad.

Likewise, longer video highlights of the whole phantastic basketball week will be available at the end of the camp.

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